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The Inn-augural Pierce's Inn Women's Pond Hockey Estro-Fest 2018

January 19-21, 2018

Fun sessions of pond hockey. 6 scrumptious meals 2 nights lodging and outrageous Entertainment by Cindy Pierce

$285 all inclusive, BYOB

This weekend is aimed at women with some skating/hockey experience. There will be a range of abilities but the minimum basic skills will be very handy! Skills such as starting and stopping maybe a little backwards skating and knowing if you are a righty or lefty stick are highly recommended.

The weekend will be lots of hockey and lots of fun down time with cool women hanging around the living room with the big fire place sipping wine and or tea or whatever. And of course Cindy will regale you all with her stories and discuss the projects she is working on. Its BYOB,

As usual for the Estro weekends we try to get everyone on site for the whole weekend, even the locals. This is way more fun for everyone than the partial participation. If you haven't played pond hockey on the pond at Pierce's under the lights with the bonfire going be prepared for some magic! Its a blast.

We are happy to have friends of friends along for the weekend spread the word to women who fit the fun, good-energy profile! We just want to make sure everyone who attends knows that the games are only for fun, any out burst of frustration makes it less fun for others and will result in a penalty, which may include (but not limited to) cleaning out the kitchen grease trap! :)

Same rules apply as for all of our pond hockey at Pierce's. Helmets mandatory.

I recommend shin guards when the stray stick or puck dings the shin. We have a no lifting the puck rule but it does pop up sometimes. Elbow pads and padded hockey pants are nice for the inevitable fall to the ice (even if the pond hockey purists scoff at the pads). It is so much more pleasant with hockey hip pads on! Hockey gloves are nice. But plenty of people just play with a helmet and no other equipment and they are fine.

It's first pay, first choice on rooms. Our rooms range from cozy rustic to rustic and of course there are two really fun bunk rooms. we recommend pals sharing rooms but it always works out rooming-wise.

Bring slippers! Pierce's Inn has cold floors!

Be prepared for some very tasty meals and snacks. Tentative schedule, subject to mutiny by the players! (I always have a hard time getting the fellas on the Ice saturday night of dude's pond hockeyfest weekend after dinner and cocktail hour. However, when they do get out there they are always glad to have rallied)

Because Jane LeMasurier does such a great job with the bike weekend program, she will be in charge of the weekend hockey program, scheduling complaints can be directed her way! Bruce will be in the kitchen tending to the meals and prepping ice before your sessions. Cindy probably wont make an appearance on the ice but she will be around and her presence will be felt!




In the last couple of years with the men's pond hockeyfest we have done a couple of away games at the rink when the weather was not conducive to pond hockey. If we go to the rink it would cost an extra $20 to pay for ice time. And we might invite extras to play to fill the and a couple of goalies and have full rink games. The away games to the rink are fun, but nothing beats the ice, lights and bonfire at Pierce's Inn when the conditions are right which is most of the time.

Payment by checks to Pierce's Inn 261 Dogford Road Etna, NH 03750 or pay below with the paypal option. If you are interested in joining us for the weekend please rsvp email me so we can get a feel for numbers. piercesinn@valley.net

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